BMW Contract Hire

If you'd like to hire your BMW, rather than own it, BMW Contract Hire is the simple solution.

BMW Contract Hire means you can drive the BMW you want, without having to worry about depreciation or selling the car at the end of your finance agreement.

BMW Contract Hire is a popular choice with our business customers because it can help you cut down on expense, time and paperwork. And because you can reclaim up to 50% of the VAT on your rentals*, you benefit from reduced regular rental payments.

And for total peace of mind, we can include a maintenance package for a small extra fee.

Click here to find our more about BMW Business Partnership; a programme specially designed for businesses with a fleet of less than 50 cars.

Your step-by-step guide to BMW Contract Hire:


BMW Contract Hire

1. Choose the BMW you want

* If the rate of VAT changes during the hire period, BMW Financial Services may change the rental charges. The amount of VAT you can reclaim depends on your businesses VAT status.